How to Create the Trendy Warm Lights Effect in Lightroom and Photoshop


Complete Workflow for creating a moody warm lights bokeh look using Lightroom and Photoshop. Learn how to enhance the color, add drama, and make the image dreamy in Lightroom and then finishing it up in Photoshop.We will also learn how to achieve the painterly effect in Photoshop.


  1. Sample Image
  2. Finished PSD and RAW (DNG) (Only for our Patreon Family)

When it comes to amazing effects, Local Adjustments in Lightroom is the key. We will be using mostly the adjustment brush along with the graduated filter to make the subject pop and add some color punch to the photo. Then, to focus the attention towards the subject, even more, we will apply a vignette. In this tutorial, we will discuss the approach to achieving any effect or look using Lightroom. Right from what to do first when you have an idea in mind to bring it to fruition, we will lay down the exact strategy on achieving the same. Hope this video helps you! Thank you for watching.


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