Clarity in Lightroom | How to Go Beyond 100 but BEWARE!


Learn how to properly use the clarity slider in Lightroom 6.8 to bring out and enhance the texture in your images. Also, know how to increase the clarity beyond 100 percent. Besides, we’ll discover when to use clarity and how much is too much.

Clarity is indeed an awesome parameter and it technically boosts up the mid-tone contrast. Hence, bringing out the details in your image. But beware, it also comes with a lot of drawbacks which we’ll discuss in the video. One of the biggest drawbacks is the halo effect near contrasty edges. We’ll learn how to get over it in Lightroom, keeping the texture intact.

A few quick but very essential things to keep in mind while applying clarity to your images are: Firstly, try to apply clarity selectively using adjustment brushes instead of using the clarity slider in the Basic Panel. Here’s why, this will prevent you from the ugly halo effect and also, allow you to bring out the details where you want to. Thus, helping you to draw the attention of the viewer accordingly to the place you desire to. Besides, this will also help you take your clarity slider beyond 100 percent. Still confused? This and many more tips in the video.


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